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Pernickety Services Inc. started out as Pernickety Cleaning Services in 2013 and very quickly evolved into something much more. We started to get to know our clients and their needs and quickly realized that our clients are busy and need more than just cleaning services. We began to find ways to help each client by assessing their individual needs. From cleaning, to errands, to organizing around the home or office.

The Pernickety team decided that our mission is to help clients in any way we can to free up time in their schedules and brighten their day.

Pernickety Services Inc. understands that each person has their own individual needs and expectations. We make it a priority to get to know each client individually. We are not satisfied until we know we are making your life easier and satisfying your expectations 100%.

Our clients have been known to say over and over again that they will not go without our services ever again. We are very proud of the feedback we receive!

Pernickety (pəˈnɪkɪtɪ)


  1. Excessively precise and attentive to detail; fussy
  2. (Of a task) requiring close attention; exacting

Exceeding Expectations

Pernickety employees naturally look for ways to go above and beyond each client’s expectations.

Peace of Mind

We know that families and businesses are ever growing and changing and it can be hard to keep up with even the smallest tasks. Pernickety is here to take on those tasks to remove the stress of an unfinished to do list.

No Contracts

One time service or multiple we are here to help.

Attention to Detail

No task is too large or too small.  Every detail is as important as the next.